Whole Body Breathing

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Greenfield, MA, USA
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Greenfield, MA, USA
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These weekly spring classes are a prerequisite for anyone with a moving and breathing body!

5 weeks • March 19-April 16, 2024 • 6:00-8:00 pm EST • $25/class • @ Community Yoga & Wellness Studio • 16 Federal Street Greenfield, MA

Whole Body Breathing
How often does your breath get hijacked by something you see, hear, or do in an average day? Do you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, or depression? Did you know that mouth breathing, holding your breath, or shallow breathing can often be the source of these common complaints?

Whole Body Breathing is designed to be an multi-week journey that, when committed to, will help you liberate your breathing from the habits and patterns that frequently capture it. Every class will begin with a playful and energizing workout that will lead into that weeks’ exploration of how the breath inhabits the body. Learn to listen and respond to your body’s signals with simple sounded breaths, gentle movements, and pleasure – the natural healing superpowers of the body!

Continuum is a profoundly relevant awareness-awakening practice that reminds us how to slow down, quiet our minds, and open our hearts. As we slow down to the speed of water, our tissues hydrate themselves, becoming less dense – more spacious and fluid. This helps us relocate the wholeness in our bodies and separate ourselves from the sensory overload of modern life.

   Please wear comfortable layers of clothing you feel most cozy in.
   Have a notebook to write in.
   Drink 2 glasses of water before coming to class and a bring a full water bottle.

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  To register, email:
   Suggested tuition: $25/class
   Payments can be made via:
   1) Cash or Check
   2) Venmo @meganbathory-peeler

For each class, there is a suggested tuition. If personal circumstances might prevent you from attending, please contact Megan to arrange a rate that is affordable for you.

Wenn Sie Fragen haben oder weitere Informationen benötigen, rufen Sie Megan bitte direkt an: 413.772.0078

Open to anyone with any amount of body, breathing, or movement experience, or challenges. Beginners welcome!
For more info/to register: call/text 413-772-0078, email:

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