Opening the Doors of Perception with Continuum

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Greenfield, MA, USA
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Greenfield, MA, USA
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Opening the Doors of Perception with Continuum
6 weeks of spring classes • May 7-June 11, 2024 • Tuesday evenings 6:00-8:00 pm • Drop-in to any or come to all!
@ Community Yoga & Wellness, 16 Federal Street Greenfield, MA

"There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." ~ Aldous Huxley

Remember how delicious springtime felt to us as children? When bare feet touch earth and the days seem to be growing endless? When there is so much time and it is slow enough that we can sense, savor, and soak in everything as it comes?

Continuum is a practice that opens the time and space for you to fully and radically explore what it means to be a spirit in a human body-mind. By engaging with simple breaths, vocalized sounds, meditative awareness, creative visual imagery, and familiar biological sensations you will increase the fluidity of your body, recovering and restoring sensations that get flattened and lost in the speed of modern life.

Over these 6 weeks we will explore beneath the surface of what our senses present to us in order to perceive and experience what is held inside them. By opening the doors of perception, we will shift our habits of how we pay attention and how we move in our bodies out into the world. We will explore how interconnected we are to the biodiversity of the world as it is: intelligent, aware, alive, interactive, communicative, and filled with soulfulness. We will practice essential grounding and expansion techniques in order to root our individual awakenings of awareness into new daily habits in our beings.

"Once you see again with the eyes of a child, feel with the undefended heart, once you can enter that state at will, then what?" ~ Stephen Harrod Buhner

Appropriate for all ages and abilities. Since everyone was once a child we all have an entire library of embodied knowledge, movements and sensations to rediscover within us. Bring your curiosity and an open mind, and you’ll have everything you need!

Please wear comfortable layers of clothing you feel most at ease moving in, have a notebook to write in, and a full water bottle on hand.

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Suggested tuition: $25 per class/drop-in • commit to all 6, prepay $125 by first class & get one class FREE!

For each class, there is a suggested tuition. Please do not let your own personal circumstances prevent you from coming to classes. Please call Megan to arrange a rate that is affordable for you.

Wenn Sie Fragen haben oder weitere Informationen benötigen, rufen Sie Megan bitte direkt an: 413.772.0078

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